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6 CRO and SEO Lessons from Top Speakers at MozCon and Conversion Jam

I just got back from speaking at MozCon the top SEO conference in the US and ConversionJam, the largest CRO conference in the world, and wow did I learn a lot. Both MozCon and ConversionJam were jam packed with inspiring speakers, extremely interesting sessions, actionable content and powerful takeaways I just couldn’t let fly by without sharing them with you guys. Below is a summary of some my favorite sessions, the top CRO and SEO lessons that included powerful tips and resources about conversion optimization, UX and SEO.

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3 Snapchat Marketing Rules You Need to Follow

When I started using Snapchat I didn’t intend for it to be a marketing channel. I was still using it for taking adorable photos of my dog ‘Loki’ when I started getting requests for conversion optimization tips from people. At first it was 1 or 2 people a week, however 35 days later I get 5-10 questions a day and I’ve been using Snapchat to answer people’s questions, give short optimization and AB testing guides and have ongoing discussions with marketers all over the world. During these 35 days I’ve seen over and over again that there are 3 snapchat marketing rules you need to follow to grow your followers base, engagement and conversions.

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Best Conversion Optimization Posts You Should Read

2015 has been an exiting year for me.
I’ve spoken at some amazing events like CTAConf, SearchLove, Opticon, GMIC, and many others. I met some great people, ran incredibly educating and exciting tests and I’ve learned SO much.

I dedicated 2015 to diving further more into building better customer journeys, addressing the emotional needs of customers and utilizing emotional targeting. Thankfully with the help of my team we’ve written about most of our tests and findings and were able to share our lessons. Here are some of your favorite chosen posts of 2015:

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3 Ways To Improve Your Call To Action Buttons

This post was originally posted on Conversioner. after some thought I decided that my readers could benefit from a post about call to action buttons too. So here you go 😉

One of the most important steps in improving conversion on your landing pages, is designing a call to action  that will work. A call to action is an element on a web page that is meant to encourage the visitor to perform an action.  The most common type of call to action element is a clickable button that contains phrases like ‘Download’ or ‘Sign up’.

Designing a proper CTA (call to action) button requires careful planning, understanding of your users and testing. Here are 3 quick tips that will help you improve your conversion immediately.

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The Power of Branding: 5 reasons to invest in your story

Since millions of products and services are so easily accessed by millions of visitors browsing one website or another, we really do only have a few seconds to make an impression and convince people to stay and shop. To stand out from your competitors and millions of other sites, you have to make a difference and show people the value that’s in your brand.

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Not such a dramatic surprise

You may remember that one of the best campaigns created last year was TNT’s campaign “A dramatic surprise”.

With 42,800,000 views, it was clear it was a roaring success. People from all over the world performed many retakes of it.

One of the things that makes a campaign viral is its originality. The more original, surprising and innovative it is, the more its chances are of going viral and spreading worldwide. Read More

Building a House With Social Media

How much impact can social media have on your life? Apparently it can help you build a house.

A young couple in Israel has decided to use the Israeli “KickStarter” website to raise money for building their house.

What’s in it for you? Not much, but you do get to give to the community. Their pitch says the following: You donate the money for our house and instead of paying the bank an enormous amount of money, they’ll donate it back every month. Read More