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CRO Speaking, Training and Conferences

I am a keynote speaker with experience in over 40 marketing and conversion optimization conferences, events and workshops around the world.

Providing strategic & applicable insights to conversion optimization and growth. I share future insights to marketing, provide best practices, case studies, workshops and actionable tips to increase revenues online.

Talia Wolf

“Conversions at Google” Conference 2016

Conversion Optimization Topics:

  • Conversion optimization Strategies
  • Emotional & Behavioral Targeting
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Persuasive design
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Ecommerce optimization
  • Personalization and more.
Talia Wolf

MozCon 2016

Some Previous Speaking Engagements

talia wolf workshops

Conversions at Google Conference

Conversion Optimization Course

Emotion Sells: The Masterclass is the complete course for fixing the leaks in your funnel by understanding your audience better, speaking their language, building trust and increasing loyalty using the power of emotion. Learn more about the program here.

Conversion Optimization Workshops

Want to level up your team’s conversion optimization skills? create a better conversion optimization process in-house? Align team goals and increase your conversion rates? Contact Talia about a wide range of workshops for your team and clients.

London 2015SearchLove London 2015

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Talia was recently voted one of the most influential voices in conversion optimization and has been a top rated speaker at all speaking engagements during 2015 and 2016.

Talia’s presentations are tailored to the audience, loaded with data and actionable tips, best practices and case studies to help attendees grow their business and gain significant conversion rate uplifts.

To book Talia for conversion optimization sessions, training, workshops and conference engagements contact her here.