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Free Webinar: Take Your Google Analytics Skills to the Next Level

Talia Wolf Conversion Optimization 3 Comments

Talia Wolf

Talia teaches businesses how to plan and execute conversion optimization programs. She runs thousands of AB tests using emotional targeting, real time data and consumer psychology to increase online revenues, engagements and sales.

Talia is a frequent keynote speaker at marketing conferences, teaching conversion optimization and growth on stages such as Google, Unbounce, MozCon, GMIC, CXL live, Search Love, Learn Inbound and many more.

She is the Co-founder & CMO at Banana Splash and was recently listed as one of the most influential voices in conversion optimization.
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A successful conversion optimization program start with data.

There’s simply no going around it.

And Google Analytics can be frustrating at times.

We’ve all been there… Trying to fish out only the most important data, throwing loads of time, resources (and let’s face it, sweat and tears) into identifying where that leak in the funnel is, only to discover (after you’ve fixed that pesky leak)… NOTHING.

No change at all.

This happens for various reasons…

  • You’re tracking may not be set up correctly so the data you’re collecting isn’t accurate
  • Or the leak you found does exist, but it’s not as significant as other leaks in the funnel that can have a real impact on your bottom line if fixed.

There are many other reasons you may not be aware of.

Google Analytics is the first step to discovering where the leaks in our funnel are and prioritizing them.

To help make sure you’re getting the most out of Google Analytics and constantly improving, we’ve put together a live training session with Annie Cushing.

Annie is one of the top experts in the world for Google Analytics and has a lot to of incredible insights to share with us.

Here’s what we’re going to learn:

  1. What to track (and how to ensure the data you’re collecting is reliable)
  2. The top mistakes marketers make within Google Analytics
  3. The best reports to help you find meaningful insights
  4. How to prioritize A/B tests with the data you’ve found
  5. And how to find A/B testing ideas right within Google Analytics.

The details:

When: January 10th, 1pm EST.

Where: Right here (you will need a Chrome browser to join)

* Space is limited, so make sure to save your spot.

See you then!

– Talia

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